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Category: Quick Lunch

Ginger Turmeric Salmon Sushi

The turmeric and ginger make this is a great anti-anti-inflamatory post workout meal, lunch or healthy snack. It's easy and can be modified using any vegetables you have in the pantry.

Nut Free Pesto Flatbread Pizza w/ Maple Caramelized Onions

While transitioning my nut-free son to a dairy free lifestyle (later we found out he was allergic to wheat, hence my gluten free substitution notes), I had to find a way to help him love pizza. This turned out to be such a hit that my gluten-free protester child loved it! Looking for a fun and healthy way to rock your family pizza nights or personal pizza cravings, this may be the answer to that knock on your pizza door. Yep, comparing this to traditional pepperoni and cheese, it may be a door you won’t want to answer every craving, but start small and I'm sure you’ll find yourself falling in love.

Kale Amino Salad

I love kale and wanted a versatile salad base that my 4 kids could customize to their own liking. This salad is a hit. Pick from my topping ideas or create your own version of this Kale Amino Salad.

Leftover Wild Rice Deviled Eggs

Add a little texture and fiber and remake your traditional deviled eggs.

Parsley Hummus